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This is our long wish list. While few of our cels are probably for sale ever, trading for *dream cels* is possible. Please see the main page for a link to the sale pages also.

In this list J denotes Jen and A Anya. Cindy hasn't communicated any wishes to us, but if she does they will be (guess what!!) ... C!

We would be very interested in cels which go with any of our dougas or gengas- let us know if you have one, even if you aren't interested in selling! You never know, we might consider parting with the sketch for the sake of reuniting them.

Also we would enjoy any cels from any shows featuring lizards, newts or salamanders. (We have a cute family of Japanese Fire-Bellied newts!!)

Click on attached images to enlarge.

Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Nice cels of Kagome in miko robes- always looking for.-A High
Nice cels of Kikyou- always looking for.-A High
Red-eye demon Sesshoumaru -A High
Rin and Ah-un -J High
Ranma 1/2
Good cels and sketches of Ukyou! (Always looking for these!) -A Very High
Ukyou and Ran-chan together. (will give kidney if it is girl-type Ranma!) -A Very High
Ranma-chan in sailor fuku -A High
Sailor Moon
Cels and sketches from the climactic episodes of S. Always on the lookout for these! -A Very High
Nice cels of Hotaru in her various forms- always on the look out for these! -A Very High
Sailor Stars Animamates.-A Very High
Witches 5- any good cels.-A Very High
Cute cels of Chibiusa/ Chibi Moon -J High
Daimons from S season -A High
SD cels!!!!! -J High
Cute cels of Chibichibi- Always looking for.- J Medium
Sailor Senshi- always looking for good close-ups and bank cels. -A Medium
Gourry as jellyfish- J Very High
Xellos as a doll (so cute!)- J Very High
Xellos drinking tea (will give kidney if floating in the air!)- J Very High
Naga floating in a stream, face down.-J High
Xellos dropping Filia. High
Nanami with the cowbell, or better yet, as a cow. -J Very High

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